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iPhone 6 Plus Repair dubai, my celcare jlt

We can repair any issue with iPhone 6 plus.

Apple announced iPhone 6 Plus as the upgraded version of the iPhone 6. Both models were released for the global consumer market on September 19, 2014. Dubai was one of the main markets to welcome this smartphone by Apple Inc. The biggest difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was the change in display size. 8th generation iPhone 6 Plus came with 5.5 inches display.

iPhone 6 Plus Repair Dubai

The upgraded and better version does not make iPhone 6 Plus invincible. This phone is also prone to screen cracks and water damage, weak battery. If you still own iPhone 6 plus, we are Apple repair specialists who can provide the desired service.

We iPhone 6 Plus Repair it

Are you frustrated due to a broken LCD screen? Is the poor battery performance annoying you? Did you spill water or coffee on? Are you facing unknown issues with your iPhone?
With a futuristic iPhone service center in Dubai, we can repair any issue with iPhone 6 plus.

What do we Charge for iPhone 6 Plus Repair?

Owning an old model of iPhone does not mean you need to pay the higher cost. Our iPhone 6 Plus repair services are affordable. With competitive iPhone repair costs, we got your back. Transparent repair packages make services easy for you. You will be charged nothing if the device is not repaired.

Genuine Parts and Quality Services

If you are worried about the reliability of the service. We only use OEM parts. Our technicians use recommended tools only. The perfect blend of originality and experience makes us the best in town. Even after the service, you still have a limited-time warranty.

My Celcare- Trusted iPhone Repair Center

Apple products need premium repairing tools and sophisticated lab. It was challenging to manage such a premium environment in Dubai. We did it without increasing our iPhone 6 plus repairing costs. We also conduct scheduled training sessions for our technicians.
Every technician that is ever going to touch your device is certified and qualified. The only professional team handles your device. Your satisfaction matters the most.

You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

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