Same day iPhone 6 plus Water Damage Repair

Sometimes your iPhone catches humidity and wetness due to dropping into a water pool or simply a cup of tea or coffee or a puddle, and it stops working. You become agitated, and questions start to hit your mind. What will be the solution? What will be the repair cost? Where to go to conserve your phone, and you started to look for iPhone 6 plus water damage repair near me on various websites. No need to worry! We have a solution for your headache.

Any accidental collision of a device with water or any other liquid always requires a visit to an authentic shop with reliability. It is a straight-ahead option rather than to put yourself in trouble further.

Non-competent technicians' might bring the water-damaged phone back to normal functioning for a limited time. However, if liquid, the leading criminal of all matters, is not extracted from the device, all undertakings and cash spent to save the mobile go waste. The main reason behind this is the incompetency and inefficiency of handling your device childishly, leading to further damage.

Everybody wants to receive a low-cost iPhone water damage repair. My CelCare offers a most reasonable cost after a thorough examination. If it is not in favor of you due to further complications, we recommend you not to proceed. We always think about your boon and benefit.

Our Special Services:

Our experts and technicians know how to diagnose and resolve the issue by using their knowledge. Our quick services and digging through the best method and keys are helpful to brighten up our name:

  • Strictly adheres to time and repair as early as possible
  • No Hidden Charges or extra charges
  • Oversee thoroughly to diagnose the root cause
  • Handy and reasonable rates
  • Original OEM Replacement Parts
  • Use of top-quality types of equipment
  • Always ready to support and answer customers’ inquiries
  • 12 Years+ of Trust in Apple Repair
  • Pick and drop services at your doorstep
  • Three months warranty
  • Restore data & upgrade software, keeping in mind privacy

Will water damage vanish away by itself?

We are Hitting the nail on the head to tell you that a water-damaged phone will not dry itself. So, a technician should check your phone after plugging it into the water, even if it's certified with a high IP rating.

What to do when your iPhone 6 plus get water damaged?

When the worst thing took place, our mobile fell in water or a toilet, or we just had fluids spilled over the iPhone. Just switch it off and contact our service center as early as possible before leading to further damage.

Can an iPhone with water damage be fixed?

There's no need to panic! The up to scratch news is that, If you have an iPhone 6 plus damaged by water, you do not need to discard it or purchase a new one as you can pay to fix it at a reasonable cost.

How long does it take for water damage to affect a phone?

This damage and detrimental effect aren't immediately noticeable or evident. It's pretty standard for a phone to work initially after being dropped in water and dried out. After 2 to 4 weeks in the future, the phone stops working.


You can stop by us at our service center if you have any troubles or inquiries. If you can't visit, avail our free pick and drop services to our customers. Just book the iPhone 6 plus liquid damage repair on our website to protect not only your device but also your valuable data.

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