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Phone 12 Pro Water Damage Repair

Same Day iPhone 12 Pro Water Damage Repair Service

We invest so much into purchasing and securing the perfect and impeccable phones. But phones go with us everywhere, putting them at threat, particularly running a risk of water damage. This leaves many wondering and puzzling situations; how to handle this trouble? Where to go for repairs? What will be the cost? Is iPhone 12 Pro Water Damage Repair possible? These hammering questions and doubts put you in more trepidation and anxiety. But, hold on! Do not worry! We are here to give your device the spring of life.

Dropping a phone in a toilet, sink, bathtub, puddle, or wetting during rain or storm is a mishap that owners hope they will never encounter themselves. Therefore, water leaks into the inner circuitry can render a smartphone useless. There are a few critical things you’ll need to do at the earliest possible date.

It is crucial to find professionals in an authentic store who know the intensity of water damage and deal with it consequently. To hand over your device to an inexpert might magnify your trouble and cause the wastage of money, device, and time as well.

Our Exclusive Services

  • Professional technicians
  • Three months warranty
  • Water damage repair within an hour without wastage of time
  • The inexpensive and friendly repair cost
  • Pick and drop services at your place
  • Use OEM parts
  • Use of top quality tools
  • Monitors every device with care and responsibility
  • Restore data & upgrade software, keeping in mind privacy

Time to seek water Damage Repair Service

Liquid saturating in the cell phone can affect the device in several ways. The delay can multiply the damage due to the rusting of internal parts. If moisture gets trapped, you will observe:

    • Blurry photos, ruffled audio, or no audio
    • Liquid droplets under the screen
    • No charging
    • Noot functioning at all.


1. Can an iPhone with water damage be fixed?

The most common situations that iPhone users experience, but there's more than an 80% chance that your water-damaged device can be repaired depending upon the severity of water intrusion.

2. Can I charge my water-damaged device?

Once your phone has gotten wet, it's critical not to charge it or leave it in rice in a misguided attempt to dry it out.

3. Will water damage goes out by itself?

Water-damaged phones cannot repair themselves. So, it's good to consult an expert to check your phone after dropping it into the water, even if it's insured with a high IP rating.

4. What iPhone water damage repair cost?

iPhone water damage repair cost is typically less expensive than the cost of a second-hand or to buy a new phone. However, we recognize their significance and do not advise the holders to make a repair that is not suitable for their needs.

5. How have I come to know that my device has been repaired?

We know the significance of keeping you informed, so we will let you know when we collect your device, when it is being repaired and when it's ready to be returned.

6. Will any repairs void my manufacturer's warranty?

Repairs not conducted by the manufacturer will usually invalidate your warranty. Accidental damage to your device is not covered under most manufacturer warranties, and they cost for repair.


In a nutshell, My CelCare has one of Dubai's top-notch Apple iPhone repair specialists. Although we repair hundreds of devices every week, we still give each and every device our undivided attention and care. iPhone 12 Pro liquid Damage Repair is a duck soup for us.

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