iPad Air 2 Repair Dubai

iPad Air 2 Repair dubai

Are You Looking For Apple iPad Air 2 Repair in Dubai

Are you looking for a fair and quick iPad Repair Service in Dubai? You don’t need to stress yourself over searching because you’re at the right place. My Celcare JLT offers the best iPad Air 2 repair in Dubai. Our professional technicians are well equipped and experienced in the restoration of the iPad Air 2.
  My Celcare will provide you with the best iPad repair services. Getting your iPad repaired from My Celcare will be the right choice.

iPad Air 2 Screen Repair

My Celcare is one of the few shops in Dubai where you can get OEM iPad Air 2 Broken screen repair for:
  * Broken, cracked, or shattered glass
  * Flickering screen
  * Black spots
  * discolored areas
  * A screen that stays completely black
  * Lines or patterns that aren’t superficial cracks in the glass
  * Lack of touch sensitivity
  * The display module is not responding, and there is no display on the screen
  * The touch sensors are not working, and you cannot use the iPad Air 2.
  Not only for iPad Air 2 screen replacement, but My Celcare is the best repair shop for all types of other issues.
  My Celcare offers professional replacement services at a competitive and affordable price. We provide a replacement for all hardware components for iPad Air 2. If the LCD is broken, we only charge for the parts that need the relief. Our most reasonable iPad air 2 screen replacement cost makes us the one of the most affordable iPad Repair service compared to other repair shops in Dubai. iPad air 2 screen price depends on the color of the iPad, for more details contact our customer service.

iPad Air 2 Display Specification

   Size: 9.7 inches, 291.4 cm2 (~71.6% screen-to-body ratio)
   Resolution: 1536 x 2048 pixels, 4:3 ratio (~264 PPI density)
   Protection: Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating.

Poor Battery Performance Of Your iPad Air 2?

Do you want the best quality battery for iPad Air 2 that can last longer? Do you want to get OEM iPad Air 2 battery replacement in Dubai?
My Celcare has the best solution to all of these problems, iPad Air 2 battery replacement. We offer the best services for the repair and maintenance of the iPad Air 2. With OEM battery replacement for iPad Air 2, you will get battery power that lasts for hours.

Why you need timely iPad Air 2 battery replacement services in Dubai:

• The battery of the Apple iPad Air 2 drains too quickly
• The battery does not charge upon connecting the power
• The battery does not hold the charge for long
• The device keeps dropping the battery percentage even on idle
• There is a warning about the battery
• The device turns off even if the battery percentage is not zero
• Sudden and unexpected shutdowns.

Usually, a week or worn battery leads to all of these issues, but the motherboard may cause the same problems. When you visit My Celcare for iPad Air 2 battery replacement, we analyze the device for possible problems. If the battery is the only issue, we start the iPad Air 2 original battery replacement. 

iPad Air 2 Battery Specification

Type: Li-Po 7340 mah, non-removable (27.62 Wh)
Talk time: Up to 10 h (multimedia)

Are You Tired of your iPad Air 2 Software issues?

Software issues are hectic, and we understand that. If your iPad Air 2 is troubleshooting, it’s probably because of the caused conflict of apps running or leaving corrupted memory behind. You can try Power offing your iPad first, but it won’t work for too long; getting it repaired will be a better option for your iPad.

Symptoms of iPad troubleshooting issues

* Apps Like Chrome Keeps Crashing
* iPad WiFi Not Connecting
* iPad Screen Keeps Freezing
* iTunes Does Not Recognize the Device
* iPad Not Turning On
My Celcare can Fix your iPad software issues in No time with the high-certified team of technicians. We provide high-quality repair service to our customers.

Charging Dock Causing Trouble?

Your iPad may not be receiving enough power from the charger. This can be a hardware problem, and there may be some dirt in the charging port on the bottom of your iPad. You can get your iPad repaired from the Apple Store if it’s under Apple Warrant. But if you want a quick iPad air 2 repair service in Dubai, My Celcare is the best option for iPad Air 2 repair Dubai.

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