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iPad Air 2 Battery Replacement

Same Day OME iPad Air 2 Battery Replacement

Rechargeable batteries aren't impeccable and perfect. They continue to start trouble after a certain time. If you've retained an iPad for a couple of years and have used it frequently during that time. You might just need an iPad Air 2 Battery replacement from a reliable store after that period.

Suppose your iPads battery is not conducting at its fullest to operate appropriately and fittingly for the whole of the day. In that case, you might be in concern and solicitude where to go? You may not be able to generalize somebody who will support you at the local level. You are suspicious that they are specialists or amateurs, or you may also be reluctant to bring your device to somebody with dubious fame. The coast is clear as we are here to serve you!

Our Experienced Team!

Our experienced team adheres and grasps the highest standards of service. We are conscious of the changing technologies and techniques. We learn and update our knowledge with colossal backgrounds used in the latest Apple gadgets. That is the main reason we use genuine batteries to enhance the life of devices. We never disillusion our valuable clients. We try our best to replace the battery within half an hour.

Our Affordable Repair Prices!

We keep in mind what's promising for you. The recounted battery lifespan is 80% of the original capacity after 1000 full recharge rotations. By contrast, iPhone with much smaller batteries have a quoted battery lifespan of 80% after 500 full charge cycles. When your device's battery starts to exhaust, consult us. We have verified experienced experts and provide quality services at the best price, never to make holes in your pocket.

My CelCare Services:

We have been delivering top-class iPad battery replacements since 2012. We are top-rankers in the field of service in Dubai. We provide quality services and take responsibility for your device.

  • Free diagnosis and examination service
  • Practical and applicable rates
  • On-time service
  • Three months warranty
  • Restore data & upgrade software by keeping privacy
  • Using Original spare parts
  • No hidden charges
  • Use of top-level quality equipment
  • More than 12 Years of experience in iPad Repair
  • Pick and drop services at your doorstep
  • Always ready to support and answer customers' inquiries

Tips for conserving iPad's battery life:

The iPad support site recommends extending the life of the battery; some tips are helpful

  • By updating to the latest software
  • By optimizing your settings in ways to reduce power consumption
  • By locking your iPad when not in use

In a nutshell, our experts work closely with customers with good communication and interpersonal skills. We would like to encourage you to trust us. Drop your iPad to My CelCare, who can look after your device from each facet by handling it carefully. An iPad Air 2 Battery Replacement is done within half an hour by using sophisticated tools.

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iPad Air 2 Battery Replacement

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