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iPad 3 Water Damage Repair
Smart Phones and iPads are very sensitive to liquid especially the devices like iPad 3 and unluckily the liquid encounter incidents are increasing day by day. The smart phones and iPads have become an essential component of our life and we take them everywhere we go. This increases the chance of liquid damage and the device instantly become non functional once it has fallen into the water or a juice has spilled over it.Liquid instantly affects the circuit board of the mobile device which causes corrosion or degradation of metals. The electronic devices are not resistant to liquid and it can cause various problems. This corrosion causes cracks in areas where the electricity is passed and thus the system stops when a liquid is entered into the device. The problems may also vary according to the type of liquid your device had encounter with for instance water and alcohol are least damaging while salt water and chlorine are the worst liquids to spill over the phones or iPads.Luckily, MyCelCare has an experience of dealing with all types of liquid damage cases and we ensure a functional device in a few days. However, we suggest a few things to keep in mind when the liquid has dropped into the iPad. Don’t turn it on Remove the battery Contact us as soon as possible, the sooner you bring it for repair the better.

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