iPad 3 Glass/Digitizer & LCD Replacement Dubai

iPad 3 Glass Digitizer Replacement

Are you frustrated due to the non-responsive touch screen of iPad 3? Do you want to replace the broken digitizer or glass of iPad 3 in Dubai? My Celcare JLToffers OEM glass digitizer replacement in Dubai.

Responsive Glass Digitizer Replacement in Dubai

The glass digitizer is the hardware component that is responsible for responding to the touch command. It must be noticed that glass digitizer and LCD are two separate components of the 3rd generation iPad 3. If the LCD is damaged, it does not mean the glass digitizer needs replacement. In the same situation, sometimes the glass digitizer takes damage but the screen remains intact.

If you are have dropped the iPad 3 but don’t know exactly which part is damaged, our technicians can help you with the replacement. We not only suggest the best solution but also offer state-of-the-art services when it comes to repairing or replacement in Dubai.

Why choose us for iPad 3 Glass Digitizer Replacement

• OEM parts and hardware components for iPad 3 replacement Dubai
• Original glass digitizer for iPad 3 3rd generation
• Replacement performed by most experienced and expert technicians
• Transparent and fair pricing for OEM replacement
• Complete iPad 3 screen repair and replacement issues

Limited-time Warranty for Replacement Services

We got your back even after the replacement service. If something goes wrong with the replaced part, we offer a limited-time warranty for all types of repair and replacement services. Contact us for all types of repair and replacement costs in Dubai.

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