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iPad 2 Home Button Repair
iPad 2 has a round shaped home button at the very bottom of the phone. This button is used for multiple functions such as work as a wake up button when the phone is in sleep mode. The iPad 2 has a Touch Id sensor in the home button which is built of laser cut sapphire crystal and thus is very sensitive to scratch otherwise the button will stop working. The sensor detects the finger through capacitive touch and it can be read in any direction it is put on it. Due to the sensitivity to scratches it is possible that the home button gets stuck or stops working if you use your iPad 2 excessively. MyCelCare offers highly efficient and durable home button replacement at affordable price. Have an Issue? If the Touch Id doesn’t detect your finger If you cannot go back to home screen If the home button doesn’t respond at all If the home button is stuck If the button starts working automatically or you have lost control over it If it is insensitive to touch

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