iPad 2 Battery Replacement Dubai

iPad 2 Battery Replacement

6930 mah battery of Apple iPad 2 should last for up to 9 hours. If the battery of your iPad 2 is draining too fast, it probably needs replacement. The issues with charging capacity are also associated with the battery life. Battery replacement is a critical service that must be performed ASAP.

Same-day Genuine Battery Replacement


Batteries in electronic gadgets are meant to offer complete portability and mobility. If you have to charge your iPad 2 after every few hours, this is not a tablet anymore. Your iPad 2 needs battery replacement if there is a significant drop in battery performance. Instead of limiting the use of iPad 2, get the OEM battery replacement for the device.
The new battery will offer the same charging capacity as the original one. OEM batteries are popular due to their seamless performance, so you won’t have to charge your tablet again and again. This one-time investment can improve the overall use of iPad 2.

Symptoms of Defective iPad 2 Battery

* Charging drops instantly after a certain point
* The battery won’t hold the charge for the claimed time
* The battery is not charging despite connecting the charger
* The battery has swollen due to hardware failure
* Device shut down even if the battery percentage is not zero

Original Battery is Available for iPad 2

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