Samsung s10 plus Water Damage Repair

Samsung s10 plus is undoubtedly an amazing release by Samsung, and the reviews have been pretty good until now. The water-resistance of the device is the feature that you cannot trust. No matter what is the water resistance rating, the smartphone fails you at some point. If you have accidentally dropped your new Samsung s10 plus in water or spilled any liquid, we can repair it for you. Samsung s10 plus water damage repair service in Dubai is available at a few shops only. As the device is the fresh release by Samsung, not so many mobile repair shops in Dubai have the latest s10 plus repairing equipment and expertise. You cannot rely on the expertise of any typical repairing shop for Samsung s10 plus liquid damage repair.

Is Samsung s10 plus Waterproof?

The company claims that Samsung s10 plus is rated IP68, which means that it can resist water and dust at a certain level. The company highly recommends the users not to take the smartphone in the pool or shower. If the seals of the phone are unfortunately loose, water can damage your device. Being IP68 does not mean you can dive into the pool with your Samsung s10 plus in hand. Most of the new users try to test their Samsung s10 plus in water, and they damage the phone. Whether you did it intentionally or unintentionally, we can repair water damaged Samsung s10 plus.

Samsung s10 plus Water Damage Repair Dubai

You don’t need to wait for weeks or even months for the repair of Samsung s10 plus water damage. Samsung's official store is not going to repair Samsung s10 plus water damage free of cost. You will have to pay a lot more money than the Samsung s10 plus water damage repair at our shop.

Guaranteed Samsung s10 plus Liquid Damage Repair Dubai

You don’t need to worry about the water damage repair services in Dubai. My Celcare JLT Dubai has a separate section of the shop for the repair services of the flagship phones. We recently upgraded our Samsung repair section with the latest repairing equipment for Samsung s10 plus and other latest model like Samsung foldable series.

Who are we?

We are an established team of experienced and authorized mobile repair experts in Dubai. Our business is known as My Celcare JLT Dubai, where we offer mobile repairing services for almost any brand that you can think of. From Samsung to Apple, every famous mobile and laptop brand is repaired at My Celcare. For Samsung s10 plus water damage repair, we have the most advanced ultrasonic cleaners that can dry your device without affecting any circuit. We don’t use traditional methods of drying water spilled Samsung s10 plus.

Best Samsung s10 plus Repairing Shop

We are not only offering Samsung s10 plus water repair services, but we deal with other Samsung s10 plus repair services. If you ever need to get our repairing services in Dubai for Samsung s10 plus water damage, you know where to find us.

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You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

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