Samsung Galaxy a5 Battery Replacement Dubai

Samsung Galaxy A5 Battery replacement center in Dubai

Hey there, Do you find yourself asking, "Where do I find the most affordable and the fastest Samsung Galaxy A5 Battery Repair service in Dubai" Well, your answer is here;
My Celcare is the right place for your damaged Samsung Galaxy A5 as we have been providing Samsung Phone repair service since 2012. We guarantee to bring your damaged Cell Phone back to life. We strongly believe in repairing your broken or damaged device, So why buy a new Samsung Galaxy A5 when our Certified technicians can fix it in no time.
We are well known for our most reliable Samsung Samsung Galaxy A5 battery repair and replacement price. We have thousands of satisfied customer reviews on Google, we make sure to read all customer reviews.

How do I know when my Samsung Galaxy needs a new battery?

Battery damages are dangerous. That's why it's essential to recognize the signs of damage Samsung Galaxy Battery.
* Your Samsung Smartphone will not turn on.
* Only showing signs of life when connected to a charger
* Dying fast even after fully charged
* Battery drains quickly
* Phone reboots on its own
* Overheating
* Battery bulging
* Battery expanding
If your Samsung Galaxy A5 is facing any of the following issues, Get it repaired from the nearest and the fastest Samsung galaxy repair service center in Dubai. As mentioned earlier, Battery damages are dangerous and can get even worse. Getting it replaced will be the right option for your Samsung device.

Is It Worth Getting Your Samsung Galaxy A5 battery replaced?

Yes, Getting your Samsung Galaxy A5 Battery replaced is worth it. It can save your cell phone from future damages. If your Samsung Galaxy phone is less than two years old, replacing the battery is still worth the cost. Replacing your Samsung Galaxy battery will bring a new life to your device.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Battery Battery Specification:

Type: Li-Ion 3000 mAh, non-removable

Charging: Fast charging 18W

Talk time: Up to 16 h (3G)

Music play: Up to 53 h

How long does a battery replacement take?

Not only we are the most affordable and reliable, We are also the fastest Samsung Galaxy A5 Battery replacement service in Dubai. If you get your Samsung device battery repaired or replaced from any local repair shop or the Samsung Store. They may take days to replace and repair your Samsung Galaxy A5 Battery. But that is not the case with My Celcare, our experts can bring your device back to life in no time. This service usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes if you get it done from the My Celcare JLT.

Why Choose My Celcare for your damaged Samsung Galaxy A5

  1. My Celcare has 7+ Years of Experience in the Samsung Repair Service.
  2. My Celcare is a well authorized service center located in Dubai JLT.
  3. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  4. Well-certified team of technical experts who can fix your damaged or broken device in no time.
  5. We only use the original OEM battery for the Samsung Galaxy Repair.
  6. We provide the best quality repair for the Samsung galaxy repair service.
  7. We provide the most affordable Samsung galaxy A5 Battery replacement cost. 
  8. We provide a free pick and delivery service to our clients, so even if you're busy, you can get your Samsung Galaxy A5
  9. picked, fixed, and delivered safely at your location.


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