MacBook Pro A1708 Keyboard Replacement

Your Trusted MacBook Pro A1708 Keyboard Replacement in Dubai

At My Celcare JLT, we understand how essential your MacBook Pro is to your daily tasks and entertainment. When you face keyboard issues, it's not just an inconvenience; it's a disruption to your workflow. That's why we offer the best MacBook Pro A1708 keyboard replacement in Dubai, ensuring your device works flawlessly once more.

Why Choose Our Service?

  • Expert Technicians: Our team consists of certified professionals who specialize in MacBook repairs.
  • Affordable Pricing: At just 735/AED*, our MacBook Pro A1708 keyboard replacement cost is competitive and transparent.
  • Quick Turnaround: We value your time. With us, you can expect swift and efficient service without compromising on quality.
  • OEM Parts: For every MacBook Pro A1708 keyboard repair, we use original equipment manufacturer parts to ensure longevity and seamless performance.

MacBook Pro A1708 Model: A Glimpse into Its Years

The Apple MacBook Pro A1708 model was released in 2016 and continued production until 2017. This non-touch bar version was lauded for its sleek design and impressive functionality. Yet, like any piece of technology, wear and tear can lead to the need for repairs, especially concerning the keyboard.

Identifying the Need for a MacBook Pro A1708 Keyboard Replacement

Issue Symptoms:

  • Unresponsive keys or keypresses not registering.
  • Sticky or jammed keys due to spills or debris.
  • Uneven backlighting or lights not working on certain keys.
  • Noticeable physical damage or broken keys.
  • Unusual sounds when pressing the keys.

If you're experiencing any of the above issues, it's time to consider an Apple MacBook Pro A1708 keyboard repair.

Keyboard Specification:

  • Layout: Full-sized with function keys and arrow keys.
  • Backlight: Yes, LED for each key.
  • Mechanism: Butterfly mechanism.
  • Languages: Available in various layouts, including English (US and UK), Arabic, Spanish, and more.

If your MacBook Pro A1708's keyboard is giving you trouble, don't wait. Reach out to the trusted professionals in Dubai at My Celcare JLT and get your device back to its optimal state.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a MacBook Pro A1708 keyboard replacement cost in Dubai?
Our service is priced at 735/AED, which includes labor and parts.
How long will the MacBook Pro A1708 keyboard repair take?
Typically, our repairs are done within 3-5 hours. However, it may vary based on the extent of damage and our current workload.
Is the replaced keyboard covered under any warranty?
Yes, all our MacBook Pro A1708 keyboard replacements come with a specific period warranty for peace of mind.