LG G Flex Repair

LG is considered to be one of the best branded cell phone / smart phone now and always. The users of LG are the loyal user; do not ever attempt to switch to any other brand. LG users are the brand addicted. LG g-Flex was launched in Nov, 2013. It has got a 6 inch display. The internal storage is 32GB and a RAM of 2 GB. The Primary / rear camera provides a quality of 13 Mega pixel. A fully charged battery provides enough time to support the usage of its users.

The technicians at Mycelcare Dubai have got all the skills, technology, and support to facilitate, serve and satisfy their prestigious clients. We can fix all the defects related to broken screen, scratch LCD, smashed display, and faults due to water ingress, liquid infection and aqua damages. The battery problems like non charging, weak battery, smoked and burnt batteries are also handled here. The software faults like ghost behavior of smart phone and its malfunction are debugged. All sort of speaker issues either loudspeaker; ear piece, micro phone / mouth piece are solved by repair and replacement. The damaged buttons are also rectified.

This is done at reasonable cost and time. But the quality of services is priceless as we use OEM (genuine) parts for replacement. You can visit us at our office, can call us at 04 4211494, live chat with us or email us at [email protected]. The QUICK RESPONSE and reliable PICK & DROP services is a competitive difference.

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