Same Day Lenovo laptop water damage repair

Hold your breath! You've spilt liquid on your laptop, and you may be blowing your stack justifiably. You are reduced to tears! Do not be perplexed! We are here to support you. Thankfully, Lenovo laptop water damage repair is as easy as pie with chances of a big hit. If you take the right strategy without leaving it too late, your beloved photos, messages, movies and memes can be restored.

After spilling, take immediate action try to wipe out a visible liquid sooner rather than later. Examine your laptop as far as it goes, hold it upside down to let any accumulated liquid drain out. Use an absorbent towel or a lint-free absorbent fabric to wipe wet surfaces until they're dry. Seek urgent help from a credible repair shop.

The laptop is at sky-high risk of liquid damage from spilt water, soda, tea, coffee or juice, or whatever floats your boat. If possible, it's important to go for repairs as quickly as possible. As retained water inside the laptop further damages the battery and internal parts. My CelCare is performing a selfless duty to repair water damaged laptops at nominal cost.

If your laptop is damaged by liquid, it is not the last breath. The risks to doom it are fairly low when dealing with water damage repair for a laptop. Electricity and water mixture can be threatening, so cut off the electricity connection and mitigate further damage and possible hazards by shutting down your laptop after spilling water on it. While keeping it on switch might ignite a dodgy circuit, putting your files and hardware at risk. A quick proceeding way towards repair experts can save your gadget.

Our True hearted Services:

We have skilled technicians possessing extensive experience in laptop water damage repair. We are doctors for laptop repair. Our technicians have a professional approach and hands-on experience in repairing and restoring services with the highest success rate. We provide service and do it right on the first attempt.

  • Free diagnosis facility to understand the trouble
  • Practical, affordable and adequate rates
  • No extra expense
  • Use of top-level and refined quality equipment
  • Strictly embraces time limit and do battery repair without delay
  • Three months warranty, and you have the facility to track warrant
  • Use of high quality, upgraded spare parts
  • Always ready to support and answer customers' inquiries
  • Restore data & upgrade software, keeping in mind privacy
  • 12 Years of trust in Laptop Repair
  • Pick and drop services at your doorstep

Our Water Repair Procedure:

Our technicians dismantle the entire laptop and soak the board in our special solution, which consists of 96%+ isopropyl alcohol and other solvents for 20 minutes. We sterile the boards and connectors with a soft brush, paying excessive attention to susceptible areas (bridged circuits with corrosion). In the end, re-assemble the unit once fully dry.

It is about a 3-hour process that we complete same-day, and our success rate is over 95% if you can get it to us within a limited time of the occurrence.

Things to Avoid!

  • Do not plugin.
  • Do not switch on the laptop to check it to avoid a short circuit.
  • Make sure that your laptop isn't left in the sun.
  • Another important rule is never to use forced hot air from machines like a hair-dryer.
  • We know how important it is to not only fix your often expensive laptop device but also to recover sentimental files. Our testimonials speak for themselves regarding our professional dedication to Lenovo laptop liquid damage repair in Dubai.

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