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iPhone XR Battery Replacement

iPhone XR Battery Replacement Within 20 Minutes!

iPhone XR has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion 2,942 mAh battery. It can last up to 16 hours for video playback and 15 hours for internet use. It has the fast charging capability to complete a 50% charge within 30 minutes. It's a bitter truth your iPhone battery can not be 100% efficient after 500 charge cycles due to the consumption of chemicals. Its fast degradation is a big worry for you as you can not operate your device for long hours. Finding a reliable shop for iPhone XR battery replacement is a big deal. We are here to serve you with 12+ years of experience by replacing the old battery with the original OEM battery within a few minutes.

Availability Of Expert Team!

We use original OEM quality parts sourced from the Apple Store. We make sure that all our phone batteries are long-lasting and completely satisfying. In brief, our repair center is fully well-equipped with all the recent technologies and equipment to repair with many years of experience.

Does your iPhone XR battery Drain out quickly?

  • Your Apple iPhone xr Shuts Down Suddenly
  • Works Only When Plugged In
  • Is Hot to the Touch
  • shut down suddenly
  • reboots on its own
  • battery bumps up.

Battery Replacement at a Reasonable Price!

It is possible to check the battery's health at any time. Suppose its status is less than 80%. Experts recommend changing the battery. However, getting it replaced by professionals is the wise and suitable option. We always replace old iPhone batteries with the original one. However, we have other non-OEM options if the customers have a low budget. iPhone XR battery replacement cost is less if non-OEM batteries are used that are more friendly.

If your iPhone stops working or faces slow charging issues, you need not panic. We always do replacement within the given time at priority. Our procedure is simple: diagnose and find the trouble and inform you about the price. iPhone XR battery price is so reasonable that you can avail easily without any worry. Additionally, we provide a free consultation. After completing the maintenance, we deliver your device with guarantee card.

We can replace your device's battery within 20 minutes at our service center on the same day. However, we provide this service at your doorstep that is completely hassle-free. Our 90 days warranty is an additional quality of our services. If a problem arises during this period, we are responsible for fixing it again without additional charges.

As time passes, battery health compromises. The use of the new battery will help to re-energize it. It will help to perform different functions of the cell phone. Our experts change batteries daily by using fine tools. A long thread of happy customers is proof of our professional work. We have been doing this job with confidence. iPhone XR battery replacement price is so reasonable and affordable with quality services.

To avail of the iPhone repair, you can also visit our store at My CelCare JLT or call us. You can offer of free onsite service for you.

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