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Super fast OEM iPhone se battery replacement in Dubai

iPhones battery is the first part that gives an alarm to change it. Although the iPhone SE battery has extended to 2750mAh capacity with more power. 2022 Brand New 0 Cycle battery cell capacity is boosted to store more power, bring more standby time, increase its life and reduce your recharging times.

Professional testers test every SE battery under strict quality control standards. Efficient charging is generally with up to 500 highly efficient charge cycles. Your iPhone’s aging lithium-ion batteries will eventually start to lose their ability to retain a charge, so it is necessary to replace the battery. My Celcare provides the best iPhone SE battery replacement in Dubai UAE.

Why do you need to replace the battery:

If your cell is not working for long hours and you cannot use it for the whole of the day or night. It is the right time to probe the matter to know the root cause of the problem. Your cell's battery may show the following signs:

1. Charging is too slow:

It is a significant indicator that your cell's battery is not effective anymore as it takes a lot of time to charge the device.

2. Your iPhone shuts down instantly:

When it still has a reasonable charge, and your device shuts down unexpectedly.

3. Damaged or overused battery:

It isn't a good sign if your cell is not working befittingly due to a worn battery.

4. Your iPhone works when it is in charge:

Your cell functions when it's charging and dies within no time when you unplug your device.

5. Your iPhone is hot to the touch

When you pick up your smartphone and feel any heat, it means your battery is causing trouble, and it might damage your cell phone.

Right Spot for your Cells Service:

My CelCare JLT brings around one of the best services as:

  1. Our specialists have a professional approach and hands-on background in repairing and restoring services with the highest level of accomplishment rate.
  2. Our technicians provide services at one of the best rates than our competitors as we value your money, never to make holes in your pocket.
  3. We use genuine and high-quality batteries to ensure that your cell works efficiently with high-quality tools.
  4.  Our priority is to take less time as the replacement occurs within an hour. We strongly follow the given timeline to avoid altercation by saving your valuable time.
  5. Our customer's botheration is our problem; we try to solve it at our level as we also provide services at your place. We pick and drop your gadget after repair at your doorstep with care. Our riders are always ready to serve you. So, you are a single dial away to get our services. We provide 24-hour quick replies.
  6. For 90 days, we provide a guarantee. If any issue originates within this timeframe, we shall provide free service.

Our services are beyond imagination as we always stick to solving them at our best level with trust and care. If you want

iPhone SE Battery Replacement, visit our store to give a new life to your phone as we know the pulse of your cell. We are here to serve!

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