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iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

Get the iPhone 8 Battery Replacement Services Same Day with My Celcare JLT!

Are you looking for a professional company in Dubai that can replace your Apple iPhone 8 battery while you are waiting at a chair? Yes, welcome to My Celcare JLT iPhone battery replacement company who is known for quick turnaround.

It is highly recommended to replace your iPhone battery, once you start to have problems with it. Yes, the issues can be varied.

For example:

• The iPhone 8 battery is draining too fast.

• The battery percentage doesn’t represent the actual status.

• Your iPhone 8 is facing frequent shutdowns without warning.

• Or is not powering off.

At My Celcare JLT All these problems can be related to the aging battery or a damaged battery. But don’t worry, we have covered you. We understand the problem may usually arise just after 1 year of use, and is common for iPhone models, because of the power capacity usage. Sometimes, an old battery may get swell and push the screen of the iPhone 8 outside the frame. We can even replace the faulty screen of your phone. Just send it at our store, and leave rest to us.

Our Battery Replacement Process in Dubai

As you know back glass covers the battery of iPhone 8. We first slight heat up on the special mat and remove the glass. After removing it, we need to remove the aging battery, which is firmly attached to the iPhone’s inner frame.

For your satisfaction, we repair all the phone at our store or the customer’s doorstep by using the professional equipment. Yes, we don’t compromise on the replacing parts and use only the high-quality ones. We use the top-class adhesive material to ensure your phone will be in a good state again.

iPhone 8 Repair Process

We let you ensure that our skilled and trained technicians will repair your iPhone battery by replacing it with the new one. So, it usually doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes. We, after replacing the battery, test your iPhone 8 with the new battery. You can send it for online repair, and we will send your phone within a few days or the next day.

Does your iPhone 8 has additional problems, and you want to fix them?

No worry, if you iPhone back glass has been broken, or the motherboard is not working. However, if you think that we have not mentioned the repair you need for your cell phone, then simply give us a call and aware of us. We let you assure that we can fix and repair every iPhone 8 problem with perfection, and on-time.

Are you an authorized repair company?

We are an independent repairing company, who use genuine parts in repairing and replacements. We don’t work directly with the manufactures, but use the same parts that manufacturers use.

Do you offer home or office services?

Well, we offer both! If you need same day repair or replacement services, we can offer prompt courier services. But sometimes the problem can only be solved in the laboratory but still make you assure that we can arrange everything at your place.

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