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iPad Mini Battery Replacement Dubai

iPad Mini Battery Replacement

Enjoy battery performance with the new and OEM battery replacement by My Celcare JLT Dubai. We offer 100% brand new and OEM battery replacement at the right price.

OEM Battery for iPad Mini

The first-generation iPad Mini comes with Li-Po 4490 mah, non-removable battery. As the battery is non-removable, you cannot simply install the new battery. Only an experienced technician can replace the battery. Never try DIYs with the iPad Mini repairs. The device is complicated and hard to open without professional tools.

At My Celcare JLT, we offer the original battery replacement for the iPad Mini. Enjoy up to 10 hours of device usage with the OEM battery by My Celcare. Apart from the quality of the product, we also ensure the highest standards for the replacement process. Only safe methods are used to disassemble and assemble the device without leaving a single mark of the repair or replacement.

Symptoms of iPad Mini Battery Replacement

• The device is not holding charge despite using different cables
• The device turns off even charging percentage is not zero
• Unexpected shutdowns and other issues
• Battery percentage drops instantly upon normal usage too
• iPad Mini is showing a battery warning sign

Best Solution for iPad Mini Power Issues

The power issues are not always due to poor battery. There are many reasons that might lead to these symptoms. Before replacing the battery, we always diagnose the device for possible issues. The battery is only replaced if the replacement is due. We are honest and fair in our dealings.

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