iPad Mini Battery Replacement Dubai

iPad Mini Battery Replacement

Get 6470 mah original battery for iPad Mini and enjoy the improved battery performance throughout the day. My Celcare offers a genuine iPad Mini battery replacement.

Genuine iPad Mini Battery Replacement

If you are tired of the poor performance of the battery, it’s time to get a new genuine battery for the device. From offering the best services to installing the original battery, My Celcare is the best choice you got. There are different symptoms of poor battery, including:

• The battery does not hold a charge for long
* The device shuts down even if the battery percentage is not 1%
* The battery does not charge after plugging the charger
* The battery warning sign is appearing on the screen

Whether you have these issues or any other problem with the iPad Mini battery, My Celcare JLT can help you with the best solutions. We only use OEM batteries for the best performance. After the installation of the new battery, you will get the improved performance of the device.

What’s included in Battery Replacement?

• Professional support for hardware replacement and repair
* Original Li-Po 6470 mah, non-removable battery for iPad Mini
* Brand new battery that lasts up to 10 hours
* Supports charging with the existing original charger of iPad Mini
* Chargeable with lightning, USB 2.0

OEM Parts for iPad Mini Replacement

Not only for the iPad Mini battery, but we offer original parts for almost every Apple product. Whenever you need original part replacement at a competitive price, My Celcare is the best choice for you.
Our technicians are trained and qualified to offer all types of repair and replacement services for iPad Mini and other models. With advanced repairing labs, you get to enjoy the best quality repairs at My Celcare JLT.

You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

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