iPad Air Front Camera Replacement Dubai

iPad Air Front Camera Replacement

Don’t be hesitant to join any professional meeting due to the fuzzy front camera of iPad Air. Visit My Celcare for OEM iPad Air front camera replacement.

Hassle-free iPad Air Front Camera Replacement

A typical iPad repair shop near you will ask for advance payment to arrange a front camera module for your iPad Air. There is a long waiting process involved and you are not even sure if you will get the original product. My Celcare JLT Dubai solved the issue with the largest stock of iPad Air hardware components.

We don’t ask for any advance payment nor any type of appointment. Our technicians are always ready to serve you with any type of repair for iPad Air. My Celcare has already arranged the necessary hardware components for iPad Air and other products. Get instant iPad Air front camera replacement at My Celcare.

Symptoms of Damaged iPad Air Front Camera

Broken camera glass is not the only reason why you need to get a replacement for the iPad Air camera. In normal condition, the front camera needs to offer a clear image for meetings and video calls. If there is an issue that hinders the performance of iPad Air, you need to consider iPad Air front camera replacement in Dubai.

Here are some common symptoms that indicate that you need to get the front camera replaced:

• The camera app does not respond for images
• The front camera does not show the video during video calls
• The camera is too slow and does not click photos
• The image is too fuzzy and blurred

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