HTC One X Repair


HTC one X was launched in Nov, 2012. Soon after its inauguration it got popularity due to its distinctive features like 4.7 inch display LCD screen, 32/64 GB built in memory, 1GB RAM, 8 mega pixel camera, more than 350 Hr of standby battery backup and 13 Hr talk time. What else any one can ask after having such features in a single smart phone. To seek an expert, knowledgeable, skilled technician was not easy before the opening of Mycelcare service centre. Our technician uses branded and genuine parts for replacement and has maintained a standard of repair. They can handle a diverse nature of faults.

HTC one X can face problems like broken screen, damaged LCD, smashed Screen, Cracked Display, weak / not charging battery, not responding or poorly responding camera, malfunction software or application, spoiled loudspeaker, faulty earphone / microphone or faulty buttons.

You can visit us at our service store at JLT Dubai, can have a live chat with us, can make a call at 04 4211494 or email us at [email protected]

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