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Dell Laptop Repair in Dubai | My Celcare JLT

Reliable Dell Laptop repair in Dubai

There’s no doubt that dell laptops rank on the top list of notebooks. Dell Laptops are crafted with the best quality materials. Dell Laptops are the best of the best. My Celcare has ten years of cutting-edge experience in the Laptop repair field.
We are one of the best Laptop repair centers throughout Dubai. We understand how heartbreaking it is when your favorite device gets damage. But My Celcare is always ready to help no matter how difficult the situation is.
Our highly skilled technicians can fix your Damaged Dell Laptop in no time and guarantee that your Laptop will work smoothly.

Common problems with Dell Laptops

  • Damage or broken Screen
  • Damaged Battery
  • Overheating 
  • Broken hinge
  • Strange Noises
  • Damaged Keyboard 
  • System Crash
  • The Screen is Blank
  • Computer is Slow

Damaged or Broken Screen:

broken Screen is a heartbreaking moment for everyone. Even minor accidents can cause a massive issue to your Laptop. We are the fastest and the most affordable Laptop screen replacement service in Dubai. If your laptop screen is broken, smashed, or cracked, My Celcare is the best option for your Dell Laptop.

Damaged Batter:

Battery damage can be dangerous. It can cause damage to the internal components. If your Laptop is getting way too hot when charging, especially along the bottom of the case where the battery is located, Losing charge quickly or taking too long to set, this means that your laptop battery needs to be placed. 


Overheating can make your Laptop slow and often cause crashes and freezing. Your Laptop is overheating because of insufficient cooling. Damaged or malfunctioning fans are due to the dirt clogging up the fan. Heat can kill your Laptop. Dust and dirt inside your Laptop is a piece of bad news.

Damaged Keyboard:

The worst thing that can happen to the keyboard is water damage to the Laptop. Dropped Juice and water on your laptop keyboard? This type of ruins your keyboard completely. Before your laptop keyboard situation gets even worst, getting it replaced will be the right option.


How long does it take to repair a laptop?

My Celcare is the fastest laptop repair service center in Dubai. We are not only the quickest but also the most affordable repair shop. Our well-certified technicians can fix your Laptop within no time.
The Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, and Keyboard replacement will take a maximum of 2-3 hours to repair.
But if your Laptop has been water damaged, it will take couple more hours to be repaired. As we will have to send the device for the diagnose check. We promise to bring your laptop back to life. We will keep your Laptop running like a new one.


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