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iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in Dubai

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in Dubai

Apple iPhone 6 is a phone which was released in the year 2014 in the month of September. It contains some really interesting features which include 4.7” screen display, a fast processor, cameras which are upgraded and it also has an improved version of the LTE speed as compared to previous iPhone 5s version. Along with all these features, one problem that people can face is the battery. The battery of the iPhone 6 can give you a tough time. Are you finding a quick battery replacement of your iPhone 6 in Dubai? Do you want a battery for your iPhone 6 that has a long battery time? We provide you with all these services within Dubai and that too in less time. Our team of trained individuals will always be there to help.

Battery Replacement of iPhone 6 In Dubai

Our company has a team of trained technicians who know how to replace your iPhone 6 battery. When it comes to repairing and replacement option of any of the iPhone product, it does not comes cheap. We promise that when you will ask for our services, then believe that My Celcare JLT is a company who is working for the better good of their customers. If you are living in Dubai and want your iPhone 6 battery to be replaced, then contact My Celcare; we are always there to help you out.

iPhone 6 Battery is Not Working!

Are you worried about your battery which is draining out quickly? Have you replaced your battery before but haven't got any positive result and you have to replace it after every few? Then what are you waiting for, contact us and our professional will out you out in this regard? They will provide you with their assistance. If you are worried about coming to our shop, then do not worry we will even provide all our services at your doorstep.

How will you identify that your iPhone 6 needs a Battery Replacement?

The answer to this question is simple and easy. There is a lot of things that will indicate that your iPhone battery needs to be replaced. The following are some of the reasons to identify yourself that your iPhone is in need of a new battery.

• See if your iPhone 6 battery is charging fully or not.

Does it charge fully in less time?

Take out your battery to see if your battery is bulging out from any part.

Does your iPhone shut down completely?

If you are facing any of these problems with these iPhone 6, then our trained and experienced workers in Dubai will find out the best possible solution for you i.e., they will present you with a brand new battery which will be not much pricey. Call our team if you are a resident of Dubai and My Celcare will provide you with the necessary help.


Please make sure that iPhone 6 is checked by a skilled person who can identify the root cause of the problem. Battery replacement may not be one of it.

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