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Super fast OEM iPhone 6 battery replacement at your doorstep

If you are encountering a battery problem, you must be frustrated, and it must be causing a headache. You must be finding ways of solution. What can be the cause of this issue? When and why does it need to be changed? Where is the best spot to provide top-notch service?

You are at the right platform to find the answers to these queries. My CelCare is the best store to provide iPhone 6 battery replacement, more than your expectation.

What can be the cause of this issue?

IPhone's lithium-ion batteries become less capable of current passing after a specific interval due to continuous use. You can monitor battery usage by evaluating which app uses your battery more. Long-term use for an extended period can reduce the battery's efficiency by less than 80% after 500 charge cycles. It defines that there is a need to replace the battery.

When and why does it need to be changed?

If the battery's device is unable to cope with performing cells functions, the following are the signs to replace it as soon as possible:

1. A Mind of their Own

If there is unexpectedly powering down in the middle of writing an email while sending an invoice to a client, watching a movie, or looking at the family reunion pictures.

2.iPhone Running Slower than Usual

It may cause frustration as dealing with a message or a call, downloading files, using GIFs, and uploading your latest photo to Instagram are all victims of an aging iPhone 6 battery. If it is older, it can cause slow phone performance. You can avert this by having your battery replaced right away when you notice it.

3. Charging for an extended period:

It is in a good performance if the battery is charging within two hours. iPhones taking more time don't seem to charge no matter how extended they're plugged in, personify this definitive symptom of an exhausted battery. A shred of clear evidence that you're in dire need of replacement.

Where is the best spot to provide top-notch service?

Our wholehearted and committed services:
My Celcare JLT has been providing an iPhone service since 2012 as we have gained a lot of eminence and distinction in the iPhone service market circle. Customer satisfaction and trust is our top priority as we have extended threads of satisfied and happy customers:

  • We have an authenticated team of expert technicians who use sophisticated and high-quality tools. We assure you we will ignite your device back to life.
  • Our services are best known for being the most inexpensive battery replacement as we charge a reasonable price.
  • We give a three months guarantee for battery replacement.
  • We provide customers with the best quality service by installing genuine batteries with exceptional care and concern. 
  • Contact our customer service, give them your location as we provide pick and drop delivery service to our clients. So feel free to avail of this service.

Visit our service center to find the antidote to every problem with your device. We provide Apple iPhone 6 battery replacement in Dubai; we deliver trustworthy and reliable services, keeping in mind the value of your money.

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