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Samsung Note 3 Water / Liquid Damag Recovery

Samsung note 3 is a 24/7 companion of his/her users due to its diverse function and applications. Due to travelling, meetings and entertainment follower it remains under threat of accidental water or liquid damage. If note 3 is dropped in water or liquid is poured on it. The water ingress or liquid intrusion can cause minor faults from button problems to major faults like screen damage or logic board malfunction. If this happens to your Samsung note 3 don’t panic, switch OFF the note 3 with no readily attempt to switch ON.

The consultation with a reliable, customer centered and well known service store is desired for fixation. So make us a call on 04 4211494, live chat with us, fill the contact us form or email us at [email protected] Our technicians and PICK and drop crew remain ignited to serve you.

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