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The Samsung note 3 is loaded with a camera of 13 MP, autofocus facility and LED flash. All these features are meant to capture a marvelous picture, but if the user of Samsung galaxy note 3 is not getting the pictures matched with its mega pixel and autofocus then off course needed to be repaired or replaced. The captured picture may be burl or even camera not working. The camera of Note 3 can be damaged by water infection, liquid intrusion, dropping or dust. Whatever be the cause to cherish the camera facility it demands the consultancy of some reliable service centre.

Our technicians at Mycelcare handle all faults related to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera damages, repairs and replacements at reasonable cost. So shift your worries upon our shoulders by calling us at 04 4211494, live chat with us, fill the form for contact us or email us at [email protected] We also provide free PICK & DROP to save precious time of our customers.

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