MacBook Logic Board Replacement
    MacBook Logic Board Replacement

    A logic board of MacBook is similar in characteristics to the motherboard of a PC. This means that the logic board is the main circuit board of a MacBook. It contains central processing unit, main memory system and circuit which controls disk drive and all other components like keyboard, trackpad and monitor etc. No matter how much you spend on buying best available electronic devices from the market, the damage is always possible. There are typically three reasons behind the problems arising in functionality of the logic board which are heat, solder and static. The problems may arise right after a few weeks of purchase due to manufacturing problems which are then compensated or repaired by the Apple Company but many systems experience failures after the warranty time expires or years of usage.
    MyCelCare is a one stop solution for all logic board problems and our technicians are experienced in dealing with various kinds of problems associated with MacBook logic board. In the cases brought to us, certain generations of MacBook turned out to be having serious graphic board problems such as MacBook Pro 15”. The heat is an enemy of almost all computers and thus it causes solder on the logic board resulting in inappropriate functionality due to problematic electrical connections. Furthermore, the lead-free solder used in MacBook is weaker than lead solder and notably it increases the chances of whiskers. These can cause problems in electrical connections especially when the system gets heated. Some users don’t have technical knowledge and all they understand is a non functional MacBook due to problematic logic board. MyCelcare caters all its clients in UAE and especially Dubai and we are proud of satisfying our clients through our services.

    MacBook USB repair
      MacBook USB repair

      A Universal Serial Bus port is an attachment that connects different devices for short distance communication. These USB ports are in built in all computers and enable various external devices to connect and share data. All versions of MacBook come with two USB ports. The USB slot on MacBook is a rectangular port and all MacBooks launched after 2012 support USB 3.0 versions after which all devices including keyboards, disk drives and microphones also were upgraded to USB 3.0. An added advantage of a USB is that you can insert older version of USB supporting device and the only difference would be the speed that older versions would support but the device will still work. Another advantage of using USB is that the user can attach an external hub through port which provides additional ports. All versions of MacBook use USB 3.0 except for MacBook with retina display which has a USB Type C which is slightly different in shape but provides additional advantages such as support of bigger power devices.
      No matter how much a person spends on buying their devices, damage is always a possibility. MyCelCare has been dealing with many cases of malfunctioned USB ports by our clients in Dubai, UAE. We suggest our clients to take certain actions before taking the device to get it repaired.
      • Make sure the USB device is turned on and the cables are properly connected.
      • Make sure the latest software is installed on your device
      • If you are using a hub, make sure both the device and port are of same speed.
      • If multiple devices are connected, disconnect all and only connect the one which you are trying to test.
      • If nothing works, restart applications which use the device.
      • Restart MacBook.

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