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In nov, 2013 Apple launched a new iPad to its family by the name iPad air. This iPad is thinner, lighter and faster than its ancestors. This iPad has added a lot to the apple as well as the users of iPads. The quality of front and back camera is more tuned. The storage capacity is also refined. Hence it boosted the number of apple users. As much as the usage has increased that much increased the accidental damage rate of the iPad air. Due to its handy nature it became a 24 hour partner of its users that is the reason the partner came under a threat of broken screens, scratched displays, battery life issues. If you face any issue for your iPad air call us at 04 4211494, email us at cs@mycelcare.com or live chat with us. Our pick and drop team will rush to you to collect your damaged iPad in smallest time frame and will deliver you the repaired one on the same day. We offer you all iPad air repairs at competitive price where as NO FIX NO COST.