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iPhone X Charging Dock Repair Dubai

Same Day iPhone X Charging Dock Repair

Forgetting the hunting down multiple chargers ever again! Life is going towards more and more comfort and luxury! Wireless charging is becoming popular due to effortlessness, convenience, reliability, and safe use. Best of all, wireless charging is now at your disposal, from phones to smartwatches, earbuds, and more. But this smartest decision and preference of using wireless charging may cause trouble anytime, and you start to search for an iPhone x charging dock repair near me at the best cost.

The good news is that beautifully crafted charging dock can repair if given in the hands of meticulous engineers and technicians. After a reliable service, you'll finally have a seamless and steady charging experience.

These quick "power snacks" can be repaired at an affordable or bargain-basement price at our store. You just place or send your device, and we repair the charging dock connector or Jack, and the remaining are all our worries. Say goodbye to battery anxiety and prolong your charging dock life with our unlimited services.

Sometimes the procedure is so simple as the dock has dirt, lint, or a foreign object that is deterring the plug from making contact properly with the port. Our technicians carefully examine thoroughly using cultivated tools and flashlights, never impairing other parts.

Our Compatible and Amicable Services:

Successive plugging in a charging cable causes wear and tear and needs repair after continuous use for a long time. MY Celcare JLT provides a guaranteed repair till your complete satisfaction.

  • Expert technicians
  • Three months warranty
  • Any type of repair within an hour without wastage of time
  • Affordable repair and replacement of charging dock at low price
  • Pick and drop services at your threshold
  • Use of OEM original parts
  • Use of top condition power charging dock flex test Repair tools
  • Monitors every service vigilantly
  • More than 12 years of experience

Time to repair or replace it!

Replacing the dock connector on the iPhone X is crucial if you are facing these problems:

  • Sluggish charge
  • Does not charge
  • Won't synch on the computer
  • Appliances not recognized
  • No sound in the headphones after attaching the adaptor


How does a charging dock port work?

A charging dock port works by producing a magnetic field that your phone, watch, or another device absorbs or captures to gain energy. When you place a device on a wireless charging pad, a small coil in the device accepts and cultivates energy from the magnetic field and wields it to power the battery.

Does wireless charging use more power?

Yes, a wireless charger uses more power to entirely charge a smartphone than a cable does.

What are the disadvantages of wireless charging?

It's slow: Wireless charging generally takes longer to fully charge your device than a cable charging.

Does Apple provide a warranty on the charging dock?

Apple does not make on-site repairs other than screen and battery replacement. They do not replace the charging port. If the warranty period is over, you will have to pay for the repair. You can find a local store to replace or repair the port.

We feel high and mighty and are proud to say that we are distinguished from our competitors as we have gained a lot of superiority and distinction in mobile service. We provide iPhone x charging dock replacement and fix it with in-depth expertise, knowing the root cause to root it out.

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iPhone X Charging Dock Repair

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