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iPhone LCD Screen Repair & Replacement

Reliable iPhone LCD Screen Repairs and Replacement in Dubai

Did you break your iPhone or LCD screen by mistake? Or Your gadget got smashed by an angry ex or a careless relation? You need not worry. As long as you are in Dubai, a broken gadget means no problem. We fix it easily! You can get reliable iPhone LCD screen repair and replacement in Dubai

Why My celcare JLT?

The place you would most likely go to for repairs of your worn out devices and replacement of their parts is one that has gathered credibility over the years. A place where customers are happy with the services they get. My Celcare JLT has been in the business of servicing and replacing broken iPhone and LCD screens in the UAE city of Dubai. Besides proper and quality service, My Celcare JLT ensures its customers don’t have to blast a hole through their wallets or pay through their teeth for the services.

What Services Does Mycelcare Offer?

At My Celcare JLT, there is a range of services that you can get. These services include:

iPhone Repairs

Looking to get the best technicians for your broken iPhone in Dubai? You’re already in the right place. Mycelcare offers the best quality iPhone fixes here in Dubai. Our services are carried out by licensed technicians who know their job well and how to handle customers and keep them happy at all times.

We only guarantee that you’re iPhone will become as good as new after we have worked on it, no matter how bad it got. Plus, even if it’s an emergency, we deliver iPhone repairs in less than 30 minutes. Also if you buy an iPhone spare part from us, we give a one year warranty to our customers.

iPad Repairs

For professional iPad repair services in Dubai, My Celcare JLT has got you covered. Maybe your iPad fell into a ditch or get wet because you were drenched in the rain from work. Or you think someone damaged it beyond physical repair? Do not panic.

My Celcare JLT is only here to help. Our specialized technical team can fix your iPad and make it looking brand new in a matter of minutes.

So if your iPad screen is broken, or the LCD is scratched, or your Apple device has a liquid infection, bring it to us. Also, if you have bad battery issues like a weak battery, non-charging or burnt batteries, we are your best bet. For your convenience, we also offer a free pickup and delivery service to help you save time and money.

MacBook Repairs

Have you popped up with a busted MacBook? You do not have to panic. Whether your device has been infected by a virus or you need advice and upgrade, Mycelcare is here at your service. We are the leading company in MacBook repairs and services in Dubai.

iPhone LCD screen repairs and replacement

We also help you fix your iPhone LCD screen as fast as you want. Once your iPhone or laptop LCD screen is faulty, you might become less productive as you would need a high definition screen display to be able to see and understand what you are working on clearly.

We have all the parts in case you want to do repairs. Plus we have original spare parts directly from Apple INC (OEM) in case your LCD screens needs to be replaced. We have all the LCD screens sizes for all the types of iPhone, iPad, and iMac.

We do well to apply honesty and tell our customers what the problem actually is with their device, so clients do not have to pay for the wrong services or be cheated.

Our Technicians

At My Celcare JLT, our technicians are always changing with the times and technologies. They are continually undergoing training in order to understand the current technologies and ways o best fix faults in these devices.

Our gadget experts are well trained and licensed and know how to handle our teeming customers providing them with all-around satisfaction.

Our Credibility

In the end, it is all about finding a reliable Smartphone repairs service that is reliable and credible that matters. You do not want to complicate things by having your device handle by unqualified personnel who might make things worse and you end up incurring more costs.

My Celcare JLT has been around since 2012 and that means we have had 7 years of unbeatable services and that is why we have held our place despite the high competition.

p>We are not only specialized in Smartphone repairs. We repair laptops and MacBook. We do desktop computer repairs, data recovery and more. Whether your office or home computer is immovable, we would meet you on-site and every problem with your device in less than 20 minutes.

If we have given you a device warranty, you can keep track of it by submitting your device online and you would see how long you have for your warranty to get expired.

Our Office

we provide free pickup and deliver back on your doorstep, Our office is opened from Saturday through Thursday every week and you can get to us from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm daily. On Fridays, our office is on lockdown.

Final Thoughts

Let’s come straight with this. There aren’t many places where you can be offered high-quality iPhone LCD screen repair and replacement in Dubai. Even if you get good repairs, finding the spare parts directly by OEM might be difficult. Additionally, getting the kind of service we offer with a full warranty and pickup/delivery service is what has helped us to become the force that we are in the market today.

Dubai, being a highly commercialized environment, encourages lots of competition in the different services that are available. Some are in for making money and very few are about service, Mycelcare being one of the latter.

We ensure that our customers’ trust in us isn’t defeated by continuously providing high-end services at competitive prices. So the next time you’re thinking about iPhone LCD screen repairs and replacement in Dubai, always remember that at Mycelcare, we are always and will always be here for you.

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