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iPhone 7 Plus Proximity Sensor Replacement Dubai
iPhone 7 Plus Proximity Sensor Repair in Dubai

iPhone 7 Plus is gaining popularity due to its sensors especially proximity sensor which is highly efficient in this model of iPhone. The sensor detects and skips the accidental touch taps during a call when the phone is held near the ear. The sensor is located right at the back of speaker on top of the LCD screen. Although Apple has put a lot of effort into making it functional flawless yet there is a possibility of the damage to the proximity sensor. Especially if you had a contact with water or live in a moist area or had greasy hands frequently when using your iPhone 7 Plus, the sensor might get faulty and needs a replacement or repair.

Are Touch Screen buttons accidentally being activated during a call? Is your LCD screen not turning off when the iPhone 7 Plus is being held to your ear? It is likely that you need to replace the proximity sensor. Must you need a fast and affordable solution to fix your iPhone 7 Plus proximity sensor replacement? That’s what you get at My Celcare JLT.

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