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The smart phones receive software updates regularly when the software is upgraded by the company. The software updates are sent to all registered phones through server. When the user accepts to update the software, the phone goes into a restore and recovery mode. The iPhone 6s also receives software updates if a new iOS is launched or other updates are made to current iOS. In the restore and recovery mode, the LCD would show iTunes icon and phone would become non functional. Sometimes, an iPhone 6s would be unable to come out of restore mode due to several probable reasons including software and hardware issues and need immediate assistance of professionals like MyCelCare because a phone becomes non functional in this situation. MyCelCare has software and hardware experts who are trained in dealing with all kinds of problems.

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iPhone 6s Screen Replacement Dubai, iPhone 6s Water Damage Repair, iPhone 6s Battery Replacement, iPhone 6s Back Camera Replacement, iPhone 6s Proximity Sensor Replacement, iPhone 6s SIM reader repair, iPhone 6s Software Upgrade, iPhone 6s Switching off , iPhone 6s Unlocking, iPhone 6s Vibrator Replacement, iPhone 6s Volume and Mute Button Replacement, iPhone 6s WiFi Repair, iPhone 6s Back Camera Replacement, iPhone 6s Dock Connector Replacement, iPhone 6s Ear Speaker Replacement, iPhone 6s Headphone Jack Repair, iPhone 6s Home Button Replacement, iPhone 6s LCD Back Light repair, iPhone 6s Loudspeaker replacement, iPhone 6s Motherboard Problem, iPhone 6s Network repair, iPhone 6s Not working, iPhone 6s Power Button Replacement, iPhone 6s Overheating,

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