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iPhone 6s Plus Overheating

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iPhone 6s Plus is just like a small computer in your hand. It functions similar to the computer and it doesn’t have a fan to exhaust internal heat as the computer does. The overheating problem is very common among iPhone users and the heat can vary from a little warmer than normal to the extent that it might feel like it will burn the user’s hands. The causes of overheating can vary but the most common reason is that the CPU is revved up to 100% level even when the screen is not lit up. The phone is constantly involved in millions of calculations which cause it to heat up. Many a times we diagnosed that the overheating of iPhone 6s Plus was due to the software problem but for a few times it was a hardware problem especially if you recently dropped it into the water. Whatever the reason is behind the overheating, MyCelCare has a team of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience of handling all kinds of overheating problems in iPhone 6s Plus.

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