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iPhone 6s plus Loudspeaker replacement

Speakers convert electromagnetic waves in sound waves that we hear from phone. These electromagnetic waves are produced inside the circuitry of iPhone 6s Plus. Loudspeaker if iPhone is a small ring shaped piece which is capable of playing audio on higher volume. The loudspeaker of iPhone 6s plus is assembled at the bottom of the phone near the charging port. The loudspeaker of iPhone 6s Plus is used to transmit audio during calls or for listening to music and other entertainment stuff. The most important usage of a loudspeaker is that it enables the ring tone of the phone to play when you get incoming calls. Loudspeaker is usually mostly used by people who make video calls and want others to also participate in the conversation or those who listen to loud music while working. Thus, a problematic loudspeaker can be quite disturbing for some people.

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