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 iPhone 6s Overheating

A smart phone is similar to a computer and does as many tasks as your desktop computer which takes a lot of space in your room. There are millions of calculations happening in this tiny computer when you are surfing internet or sharing information. However, there is a cooling fan inside your desktop computer or even a laptop which exhausts the heat produced due to the processor functioning but a smart phone like iPhone 6s doesn’t have one. This heat can gather inside the phone if used for several hours continuously and can make your hands feel a lot of heat just as they will get burned if the phone is held for a few more minutes. The overheating issue in iPhone 6s can be due to many reasons and must be dealt seriously as it might cause the motherboard to fail or even melt down the internal circuitry. There can be software problems behind overheating issue or most commonly there are hardware issues such as the phone dropped into the liquid. The overheating issue is a serious issue and requires assistance of professionals like MyCelCare.

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