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iPhone 6 Home Button Replacement Dubai

Apple iPhone 6 Home Button Replacement in Dubai

A round shaped large button present at the bottom middle of iPhone 6 is known as the home button. This button is essential for several functions including going back to home screen and work as a wake-up button when the phone is in sleep mode. The iPhone 6 has a Touch Id sensor which detects the user’s finger even if they don’t press the home button. The sensor detects the finger through capacitive touch and can read the finger in any direction it is put on. The home button has a laser-cut sapphire crystal and thus has a potential of getting damaged or nonfunctional over the time. The reasons behind a non-functional or damaged home button can be many including liquid ingress, greasy hands or excessive usage. My Celcare JLT offers highly efficient and durable iPhone 6 home button replacement at affordable price.

You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

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Home Button Replacement

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