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 iPhone 6 Headphone Jack Repair Dubai

iPhone 6 Headphone Jack Repair Dubai

A very small round shape port where we insert the pin of our headphones is known as the headphone jack. The headphone jack has three or four connections or TRRS which are accompanied by a push button to play beautiful stereo sound in form of music or incoming call. iPhone 6 has 4 pin TRRS which connects the headphones with the phone and give an output of beautiful sound. The headphone jack is excessively used by young generation for the purpose of listening to music or other entertainment stuff. The headphone jack can thus, get damaged due to excessive use or accidental damages. The headphone jack in iPhone 6 is assembled in single flex assembly and often needs replacement in case of being non-functional. MyCelCare provides best replacement services and uses the best parts available in market.

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