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iPhone 5C Battery Replacement Dubai

Apple iPhone 5C Battery Replacement

The Apple iPhone 5C battery replacement service Dubai costs less than 275 AED, and My Celcare experts can replace it while you wait. Your device will be ready after iPhone 5C battery replacement in less than 20 minutes. We offer 3 month warranty for the OEM iPhone 5C battery replacement in Dubai.

My Celcare JLT Dubai is one of the most trusted iPhone 5C repair shops in Dubai. Most of the shops have discontinued support and repair for the older models. Even Apple Store will charge you a handsome amount for iPhone 5C battery replacement in Dubai.

My Celcare JLT Dubai iPhone Repair Services

With the release of the latest models, limited people need iPhone 5C repair services. Still, we have full repair and replacement services for iPhone 5C and the later models. Other repair shops will ask you to wait for a few days before they arrange iPhone 5C battery. My Celcare has unlimited stock for iPhone 5C battery replacement kit. We offer instant iPhone 5C battery replacement near you, even if you are walking customers.

Fresh OEM Imported iPhone 5C Batteries

Our parts are imported directly from the manufacturers without any 3rd party involvement. Whenever you are going for iPhone 5C battery replacement in Dubai, always make sure that the battery is freshly imported. Some shops will try to sell 3-4 years or even older products. These batteries don’t last long, and soon you will be facing the same battery issue.

We are a complete iPhone repair center in Dubai with the largest inventory of the iPhone 5C batteries and other parts. Our iPhone repair experts only replace the battery that is going to last as long as the original iPhone 5C battery.

Features of OEM iPhone 5C Battery Replacement Service

Fast battery drainage can make your device useless at important moments. You cannot carry the charger everywhere with you. Although iPhone 5C battery mah is not sufficient as per the latest models, yet it must last enough time. Here are some features of the iPhone 5C battery replacement service near you by My Celcare JLT Dubai:

• Premium quality, OEM, and brand new Li-ion iPhone 5C battery replacement

• Lowest iPhone 5C battery replacement cost in Dubai

• Get more talk time and performance with brand new iPhone 5C battery

• Premium repair and replacement service with no trace of replacement

• Flawless iPhone 5C battery replacement service by certified professionals

• Limited time warranty for battery and the other replaced parts

Lowest Replacement Cost for Premium Service

As the device is relatively older, so you try your best to keep the iPhone 5C battery replacement cost at a minimum value. Our pricing strategies are meant to meet user needs. My Celcare team understands your concerns, and that’s why we don’t charge any hidden costs.

My Celcare for iPhone Repair Dubai

You will only be paying for the accurate iPhone 5C battery replacement service Dubai. Other additional services like device quality check and iPhone 5C battery health checks are free. Visit My Celcare JLT Dubai today for the best iPhone 5C battery replacement services in Dubai.

Contact us today on 044211494 Email: [email protected] or visit our service centre at Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai. We also offer free pick up and delivery. Email: [email protected]

You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

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