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iPad Mini Dock Connector Repair

If no power is getting to your iPad Mini, it probably needs the iPad Mini dock connector repair. Whether it is due to a failing dock connector or there is any other issue, My Celcare is the best repair shop in Dubai.

Charging Port/Dock Connector Replacement

This service is specially offered for the first-generation iPad Mini. If the charging port is damaged or the device is not providing power despite connecting the charger, the dock connector is damaged. This little issue can halt the usage of the device. Whether you need to charge the device or want to transfer files with the cable, the dock connector needs to work just fine in every situation.

Even if the iPad Mini dock connector cannot be repaired, we can solve the issue by replacing the module. 100% brand new dock connector is used for the replacement. After the service, your device will be just like new, with no issue at all.

Dock Connector Replacement Specifications

• 100% brand new dock connector for iPad Mini
• Complete functionality of dock connector including data transfer and charging
• No cheap part of the tool is used during the repair and replacement services
• Careful replacement for genuine and smooth feel of the device
• Transparent and fair cost of iPad Mini dock connector replacement

Quick Repair at My Celcare JLT Dubai

For same-day repair services, always choose My Celcare JLT. We offer same-day repair services for iPad Mini and other Apple products.

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