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iPad Home Button Repair

iPad Home Button Repair

The temporary built-in solution for the home button may not work for long. Assistive Touch is a great option to get back the limited functionality of the home button. Still, home button repair in Dubai is the only sustainable solution for iPad 1 or first-generation iPad.

iPad Home Button not Working Fix

Most of the issues with the iPad home button are due to broken hardware or the debris and dirt in the home button. A proper repairing process for the iPad home button will resolve the issue. With appropriate tools and expertise, home button repair in Dubai is possible at My Celcare JLT.
There are hundreds of DIY hacks for fixing the iPad home button not working issue but none works in real life. If you are facing any issues with the home button working, contact the professional technicians and get complete support in the early stage. Delaying the iPad home button repairing in Dubai will only lead to home button replacement as the last option.

Common Symptoms of iPad Home Button Repair

• Broken or damaged iPad home button
• The home button is loose or remains stuck upon pressing
• The home button is too hard to press due to debris and dirt inside the parts
• Electrical cables inside the home button are malfunctioning
• The home button does not work smoothly and does not respond effectively
The repairing cost is reasonable at our repair center near you and you will also get a limited time warranty for the OEM parts replaced by our professional technicians.

You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

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iPad Home Button Repair in Dubai,

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