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iPad Battery Replacement Dubai

iPad Battery Replacement

The non-removable battery of the iPad comes with a power of 6600 mah. The battery is powerful enough to last for up to 5-6 hours. If the battery does not last for hours or does not charge effectively, we can help you with the OEM battery replacement for the Apple iPad in Dubai. The ingredient is to offer 100% brand new and genuine battery replacement for iPad.

Genuine and 100% brand new battery replacement

If your iPad battery is not resolved with the repair process or software optimization, we can replace the battery for the best performance. The new battery will offer the same performance and power as the original battery. OEM batteries are known to provide extended battery life so that you can rely on your iPad for personal and professional use.
Fast battery drainage is a common issue that needs to be addressed immediately. My Celcare offers genuine and original battery replacement for the older and newer models. Instead of charging your iPad again and again, get the one-time permanent solution with iPad battery replacement.

iPad Battery replacement symptoms

* iPad battery is draining swiftly and does not hold the charge for long
* iPad battery is not charging even with different chargers
* The iPad is displaying a battery warning
* Poor performance of the iPad battery indicated the replacement
* Water damage affected the battery performance of the iPad 1
For the reasonable iPad battery replacement cost, you can always trust My Celcare JLT. Our technicians are known to be the best professionals for iPad battery replacement in Dubai.

You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

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