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iPad 4 Dock Connector Repair Dubai

iPad 4 Dock Connector Repair

If no power is getting to your 4th generation iPad 4, the dock connector probably needs the repair service. My Celcare JLT offers the best iPad 4 dock connector repairs near you.

4th Generation iPad 4 Dock Connector Repair

The dock connector issues generally occur due to damaged or malfunctioning charging port flex cable. This is always the case as there are tiny components in the dock connector. We can only detect the real problem after complete diagnostics. At My Celcare, our expert technicians can repair any type of hardware damage. Dock connector repair for iPad 4 is a complicated process and that’s why we always recommend choosing professional services only.

The dock connector replacement is also an option when the part is not repairable. We use only the OEM parts for the best quality work. A brand new and genuine dock connector will be used for the replacement of the dock connector.

When is Dock Connector Replacement must?

• Your iPad 4 is not charging despite the cable is fine
• Pins are broken in the dock connector
• Water spill damaged the dock connector
• The data is not being transferred
• The dock connector is too loose to hold the cable

My Celcare for Dock Connector Issues

It does not matter what is wrong with your device, our professional will always come up with a suitable repair solution for iPad 4. Get the best repair and replacement services at My Celcare JLT.

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iPad 4 Dock Connector Repair in Dubai, My Celcare JLT,

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