My Celcare, JLT, Dubai
 iPad 2 Back Camera Replacement
Camera is something that is the first priority of many smart devices users when they purchase a phone or iPad. iPad 2 rear camera comes with many features that help you capture photos with vibrant colors and beautiful effects. The rear camera makes it useful because of the photos it takes when a camera is needed and you don’t have access to your camera. If the camera is damaged or doesn’t work properly, this could be of great problem for many and MyCelCare is the one call solution to all your camera problems.

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Great company with perfect service, upgraded my MacBook whilst I waited. Couldn't ask for more...machine is flying now.

I'm so impressed and grateful that Mycelcare turned my MacBook Pro back into life. Great experience, laptop fixed quickly and perfectly, great value for money, would recommend to anyone,I Highly recommend Mycelcare. Fantastic experience! CIAO :)

Professional, efficient and customer oriented staff. I had liquid fell inside my Mac laptop and I took to them, they fixed it in two hours. SuperB job team! Recommended.