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HTC One X Water / Liquid Damag Recovery

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HTC One X Water / Liquid Damag Recovery

The handy nature and features of today’s mobile phones has forced the user to accompany their smart phone with them. In these situations the Smart phone remain under continuous threat of damage. The same is with HTC one X and most prominent damage is water ingress, liquid intrusion or fluid damage. It may cause a damaged LCD, non working screen, faulty front glass, burnt battery or defective speakers and buttons. The importance of qualified and experienced technician becomes more compulsory in water damages.

Mycelcare has got such technicians that use standardized methods, tools and equipment to fix such faults. Therefore visit our service store, live chat with us, call us at 04 4211494, email us at [email protected] or fill the contact us form. You can also avail our FREE PICK &DROP service for your damaged HTC one X.

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